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Talk at SQL Relay - SQL scripts

Find my talk in Resources – SQL Relay 2014

These SQL scripts, created by our friendly development team for the PART system and only available to download here, just click on the title of the script you want to download. Please go to our link or the SQL Relay link for the PART system talk slides and further details on how these scripts may apply and be specifically of use to you.



The teams solution to the Scrabble puzzle which requires schema changes.


The teams solution to the Scrabble puzzle which does not require changes to the schema.


These metrics are part of the preparation stage of our PART system and quickly locate and display some of the details that are necessary to measure the performance of the production system so it can be compared to the development or test systems giving a better idea of how your TSQL will perform on all of those systems.


The multi-use script for row generators, tally tables and number tables are just two examples that use row generators but there are many more examples of their use and they are one of the most effective mechanisms when optimising TSQL.


Also in the preparation stage of the PART system, a beautifully clean and simple way to produce test data quickly that can easily be tailored to your requirements.


A nifty script here, comparisons make evaluating the changes (hopefully improvements) so much easier, use this to your advantage or share with a peer reviewing colleague for clarity. Essential to catch errors you may have inadvertently introduced when combined with well-prepared, controlled data sets.


BONUS SCRIPT – This helps to test TSQL for multiple user systems to detect any locking or performance problems due to high contention of resources. This can be used to stress test your changes.


Let us know what you make of the SQL scripts. Do they work well? Where have you made most use of them? Any tweaks you think would improve the SQL scripts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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